Liverpool Entrepreneur’s Circle – The 9 biggest mistakes in business…and how to avoid them

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Are you a Liverpool Entrepreneur? Jon is the Liverpool Business Growth Advisor for the Entrepreneur’s Circle, the UK’s biggest membership organisation dedicated to helping businesses grow. In short, we’re on a mission – to help UK business owners escape mediocrity and live the life they want to live.

We’d like to invite you to the latest meeting of the Liverpool Entrepreneur’s Circle at 4.30pm on Wednesday 16 October at the Atlantic Tower. You can book your place here. Visitors are always welcome – it’s a great way to see what the EC is all about.

The 9 biggest mistakes in business…and how to avoid them.

This month we are looking at what not to do.

There is a lot that can go wrong in a business (too much to cover in one local meeting!!), but there are some mistakes that are so avoidable and obvious that they need to be banished from your business – and quickly.  We can all do stuff better, we will all make mistakes and that is always going to happen… but the real key to success is to be able to actually see the bad habits and then learn from them.

Messing stuff up is a normal part of business life, but we do see same mistakes being made again and again and this month we are going to highlight them and make sure that they are not happening in your business.

Nige has pulled together the 9 “deadly sins” of running a business, and that is what we are basing this month’s meeting on. Some of them are obvious and I am sure (??) they are not happening in your business… but many of them are less obvious and there is a pretty good chance that they are happening somewhere in your business and they are costing you some clients.

It’s a proper practical session this month – we are going to look at each of the 9 BIG mistakes, how they happen, how they can affect your business, and most importantly what you can do to identify them and make sure they don’t happen any more.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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