16 best business ideas for 2016

Thinking about starting up a brand new business? Stuck for ideas?

Startups.co.uk has just released a list of the 16 best business ideas for 2016. It seems you can add “tech” to the end of anything to make it a cool idea, but there are a few surprises in there.

Here’s a summary of the top 16:

  1. Gin company – take advantage of the “gin-naissance”
  2. Fermented foods – Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow will be queuing up to buy from you
  3. Pottery – pretend you’re in “Ghost”
  4. Instapreneur – make cash from social media
  5. Live music festivals – move over Glastonbury, MJF-Fest is coming
  6. Women’s sportswear – to wear while exercising, or just to look like you might be
  7. Posh pet food – when Pedigree Chum isn’t good enough
  8. Fittech – outdo Fitbit
  9. Natural and organic beauty – no need for this for the MJF team
  10. Gourmet burgers – we like the sound of this one….until they started talking about goat burgers
  11. Edtech – earning from e-learning
  12. Online watch shop – it’s time for e-commerce for watches
  13. Activity bar – a pint, pizza and ping pong
  14. Fitness franchise – why start your fitness business from scratch when you can piggy back on a known brand?
  15. Venue booking platform – your very own Airbnb
  16. Smart products – anything you can Bluetooth to your phone

You can read the full details here.

Now, you may want to use one of these ideas, but you might be better using a tried and trusted formula. Or, you could get ahead of the game and come up with something totally new.

Either way, you should make sure you get some great advice and a cracking accountant. That way, you’ll make it to 2017 too!

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