Do you know the August 2013 financial deadlines?

Added on 26 July 2013

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Here are the August 2013 financial deadlines and dates:

  • 1 August – Corporation Tax payment deadline for companies with accounting year ended 31 October 2012. (Only applicable for companies with profits of £1.5m or less. Companies with profits > £1.5m pay by instalments.)
  • 7 August – VAT return and payment deadline for June VAT returns
  • 9 August – deadline to declare tax on sales of property, eg second homes, to HMRC
  • 19 August – Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) monthly return deadline for period to 5 August
  • 19 August – PAYE/NIC cheque payments deadline for month to 5 August
  • 22 August – PAYE/NIC electronic payments deadline for month to 5 August
  • 31 August – Company accounts filing deadline for private companies with a year ended 31 November 2012 and for public companies with a year ended 28 February 2013
  • 31 August – Corporation Tax Return (Form CT600) filing deadline for period ended 31 August 2012

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