Business Tax Tip 6 – Could the taxman class you as an employee of a client….and charge more tax?

If you run a company or a partnership and sell your personal services, knowledge or skills, have you taken appropriate steps to ensure that the IR35 rules won’t cost your business a fortune in additional tax?

Tip: PAYE and National Insurance Contributions will be applied to all payments made to individuals by Managed Service Companies.

If you run a one-man band business (not a limited company), have you made sure that there is absolutely no possibility of the Taxman charging you much more money by treating you as being employed by one or more of your best customers?

Tip: You may firmly believe you are self-employed. But the Taxman may think differently. And it could cost your customer and possibly you a lot of money. So we strongly recommend you take some good advice.

You can start by looking at our summary of the latest IR35 guidance.

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