The dog ate it – Top 10 excuses for missing the Tax Credits deadline

HMRC has been on good form this year, publishing a series of “Top 10 excuses”. Following the excuses for missing the Self-Assessment deadline, and excuses for not paying Minimum Wage, they’ve published the best reasons given for missing the Tax Credits deadline.

The deadline is on 31 July this year and, for the first time, claimants can renew online. That’s in addition to the normal routes – by post or phone.

Lots of people do cut it fine in renewing – last year, 413,197 people renewed in the last 5 days and 650,000 missed the deadline.

So, what were the 10 best excuses from last year?

  1. The WAG – one woman didn’t need the cash as she’d just met a rich boyfriend……but he dumped her after the deadline, so she then needed the tax credits
  2. Mummy’s boy – someone claimed their mum usually did it, so it was her fault
  3. One particularly unlucky person accidentally locked the forms in the car, just before the car caught fire
  4. The old chestnut – of course, “the dog ate it” had to make an appearance in the Top 10
  5. Crayola crisis – a baby used the forms as a colouring book
  6. How many taxes are there? – confusion with the Self-Assessment deadline in January led to some late renewals
  7. Holidays – the time of year doesn’t help. “I was on holiday” is used as an excuse
  8. Doctor’s note – one late claimant said they’d been in hospital but, fortunately, are much better now
  9. Blame it on the boss – “I couldn’t get my income details from my employer”
  10. Again??! “I thought I’d already done it” is a common reason given for missing the deadline

HMRC have said “Renewing tax credits on time is important. People who don’t renew by the deadline can, and do, lose their payments.”

If you need to renew your tax credits and haven’t yet done so, either make sure you get the forms in by 31 July……or think of a better excuse than these.

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