Is HMRC making National Insurance simpler?

Added on 22 July 2013

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HMRC is currently deciding whether to finally make National Insurance simpler for the self-employed.

At the moment, you have to pay Class 2 NIC (National Insurance Contributions) at £2.70 per week throughout the year…and then also pay Class 4 NIC as part of your Self-Assessment Tax Return.

In a move to cut down on the admin for self-employed people, HMRC is looking at collecting both types of NIC as part of the Self-Assessment Tax Return.

Is this a good idea?

HMRC have stated that the amounts of NIC won’t change – it will just be a change to the admin.

It will save you registering when you become self-employed. This will be an extra benefit if you move in and out of self-employment – it will save you registering and deregistering.

While it may reduce the admin, some people may prefer paying the Class 2 NIC on direct debit throughout the year as it helps for budgeting.

The main benefit will be if you’re earning less than £5,725. If this applies to you, you’re actually exempt from Class 2 NIC but, under the current system, you have to pay the £2.70 per week and wait until the year-end to get a refund when you file a tax return. Therefore, the new system will help with cashflow.

Next steps

HMRC is currently consulting on the change. You have until 9 October 2013 to respond. HMRC will then decide on whether to proceed.

Any questions?

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