Is your accountant just a lifeguard?

It must be great being a lifeguard. We’d happily take a role in Baywatch, sitting on a California beach all day topping up our tans surrounded by good looking people. And every now and then leaping in to the water to help someone out.

And, in the video below, accountants are likened to lifeguards. But, in this case, it’s not a good thing – there’s no Pamela Anderson or David Hasselhoff involved. You see, most accountants do sit on the side all year and only get involved when you’re drowning – a deadline’s fast approaching or you need help to raise some funds.

Now that can be really useful (and it’s really comforting to know someone is there in an emergency), but we’re not like that – we like to be involved all year and actually help you before you’re in trouble. Sure, we can leap in at the end if needed, but we’d prefer to avoid the emergency in the first place.

By working with you throughout the year, we can really help you grow your business. We can act as a sounding board on big decisions, make sure you’re as tax efficient as possible, help with profitable pricing, and keep you on top of your numbers at all times.

All of our clients can ring for advice….and it’s included within our monthly fixed fees. If you want even more advice so that you’re totally in control of your business, our business strategy service helps you plan and monitor the numbers at all times. And it really helps you grow your business and profits.

So, take a look at this video from Nigel Botterill. Nige knows what he’s talking about as he’s set up 8 separate million pound businesses in the past 8 years. We’ve worked alongside him as part of his Entrepreneur’s Circle that really helps businesses grow.

Nige says his accountant is the most important adviser to his businesses. Do you think the same about yours? If not, perhaps you should stop treating them like a lifeguard and get them involved before you’re drowning.

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