Outrageous Advertising – and why standing out from the crowd is good

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It’s very simple really – in an average day your prospect is likely to see over 3,000 separate advertising messages – and buried deep down under a mountain of other “great deals” and “best services” is your message. So, it’s asking a lot of even the most studious of customer to give it some of their head space.

Add to this their boredom with seeing so many marketing messages, and their immunity to most calls to action and we have a problem.

However, the good news is that people will ALWAYS like to be amused, entertained and even shocked and that gives those that are willing to try a great opportunity.

It stands to reason that the more outrageous your advertising, the more chance you have of getting your business noticed. Add to this a killer product, offer or service and you’re on to a winner.

BUT – of course it is never that simple. One man’s outrageous can be another man’s normal… and what does outrageous really mean?

So at this month’s session we will be digging into it and finding out what we are really looking at and why it can be so powerful and most importantly what are the component steps in getting your campaign really noticed so you can really stand out in 2014.

We look forward to seeing you at 4.30pm on Wednesday 15 January at the Atlantic Tower. You can book your free place here.

See you on 15 January!

P.S. You can book your free place here.

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Added by Jon Davies

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