What does Superman know about business advice?

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Superman has quite a few superpowers. I have a couple myself! But, a couple of weeks ago, he was kind enough to share some business advice on the 9 main superpowers needed by entrepreneurs.

I was lucky enough to attend the Entrepreneurs’ Circle national event at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton. The nearest thing I’d seen to a super hero there before was when Steven Gerrard got a late winner in 2009. But, this time, Superman himself was there to talk through these superpowers:

  1. A great CRM……and this must be used properly. With great power comes great responsibility! You need to build a relationship with clients and prospects. A good CRM helps you do this automatically.
  2. Sequencing and the perseverance to “follow up, follow up, follow up”. It’s no good contacting prospects once – you need to sequence a number of contacts. It’s even better if you can use multiple media – email, phone, text, letter, etc.

    Superman's Liverpool business advice

    So, Superman, is that a stick of kryptonite in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?

  3. The ability to optimise everything. If every step is improved by 5%, what’s the overall improvement? We also got business advice on the 21 steps to optimise if you want to be an internet millionaire.
  4. The power of discernment. Can you accurately see the truth and see what’s going on, in and around your business?
  5. Time management and the will to focus on meeting your goals. Even Batman waded in with Liam Neeson teaching Christian Bale about “the will to act”.
  6. Passion – if you don’t have passion for the business, how can you ever succeed?
  7. The power of copywriting – to grow your business, you need to be able to write great adverts, articles, and even blogs. You can decide for yourself whether I’ve been gifted this superpower.
  8. Attitude – business super heroes need to really care about their customers and be prepared to go the extra mile. What could you do that adds that little extra every time and gets people talking about you?
  9. And every superhero needs an assistant. If you haven’t got an assistant….you are one!

All in all, it was a really useful day with loads of great business advice. I’m now looking forward to the next Entrepreneurs’ Circle national event in November. There’s a circus theme, so I don’t want any references to accountants being clowns.

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Added by Jon Davies

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