Walking in a Winter Wonderland…..in June

Well, it’s the hottest summer for about 1,000 years and I spent yesterday in a winter wonderland with Father Christmas.

You might be wondering why, in the middle of June, was I with Father Christmas? Well, it’s all about planning and consistent marketing to get customers.

I was at a showcase held by The Christmas Decorators to show off all the stuff they can do to make your building look great for Christmas. They do this in June because they know that waiting until December is too late – customers have already made their plans and bought the stuff elsewhere. Therefore, they do it well in advance knowing that putting that work in upfront will give them lots of income six months from now when the Christmas season hits.

Welcome to Narnia

Welcome to Narnia

This is a massive lesson to all business owners – you can’t wait until the day you need the sales to go out and look for them. You have to put the work in and think about it many months beforehand.

Just in the last couple of weeks, we’ve actually had a couple of enquiries from people who I met at the same networking event back in 2014. We hadn’t actually heard from them since but, three years later, they got in touch to meet up about potentially being their accountant.

That’s because we’ve consistently worked to bring in new customers every week. This includes attending networking events and, of course, following up.

And our best form of consistent follow up is our weekly email newsletter. The fact it drops into your inbox at 10:30am every Thursday morning without fail means that, whether or not you read it, we’re popping into your life and you can’t forget about us….even if you want to!

We do like to think it provides some helpful tips for all of our readers but it also serves a few other purposes – one of which is that we understand that many people we meet don’t need us right now……but we’re on their mind if they do need us.

So, it’s a lesson that all businesses can use.

Planning your marketing well in advance, and being consistent in your efforts, pays off.

And it will bring in the sales that will let you have a very merry Christmas!

PS – The Christmas Decorators are well worth a look! And, given the sweltering heat, Santa was allowed to wear a Hawaiian shirt.

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