Woz’s words of wisdom

Jon was at the National Entrepreneurs Convention at the ICC in Birmingham recently. While he picked up loads of business tips to pass on to our clients, the highlight was a session with Steve Wozniak. Steve was the co-founder of Apple and effectively invented the personal computer as we know it.

Steve loves technical stuff and still gets excited about new gadgets. He even likes to queue for the new iPhone – he can get one pretty easily if he wants, but he likes the buzz of waiting with lots of Apple nuts for the store to open.

His relationship with Steve Jobs showed the power of working as a team where each member has different strengths. When they started Apple in his garage, Woz’s dream was to the best engineer on the planet and make the best stuff, while Steve Jobs wanted to the the best CEO in the world. They needed each other to turn Apple into one of the biggest brands in the world.

But, behind the business, Woz lives his life by a simple formula: Happiness = Smiles – Frowns

And his main advice in business is “be nice and be kind” while “hiring smart people and trusting them”. It sounds simple, but he hasn’t done too badly.

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