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“If you are like most people who work in the creative industry and the mere mention of accounts is enough to make your eyes water, then use MJF – you will not be disappointed. Through the ongoing advice from Mike and Jon, I have grown my company and increased my profits. The guys are always on hand and, most importantly for the fast paced industry I work in, they are quick to reply to any requests or questions. There is no aloofness with the team or several day waits for responses to questions – at all times there is somebody who will try their hardest to help me. I can recommend MJF completely.”

Julie Kavanagh
Director, JK Dance Productions Ltd

We work with many clients in the creative industry, from film production companies to cameramen to dancers. And also digital businesses making apps, games or websites. Each has their own unique issues, but there are also many common themes and our specialist knowledge lets us help with all of these.

For example, we understand that you’re probably more interested in creating than talking about numbers, tax and deadlines. We can also save you time with our beautiful accounting software that keeps you up to date on your iPad or phone.

What are the issues you’re facing?

We work with creative businesses and performers and understand that the issues are different for both.


  • Are you sure you have the right business structure for your creative business? Sole trader, Limited Company, CIC – the list goes on. There are many different structures available in the creative industry. Getting it wrong could be costing you thousands of pounds.
  • Liverpool creative accountantDoes your accountant understand and advise you on all of the tax reliefs specific to the creative industry, for example the tax relief on high-end TV and games? If you’re in the digital industry, you may also be eligible for Research & Development tax credits.
  • Are you using the right VAT scheme for your creative business? There are a number of schemes available – choosing the wrong one can cost you a lot of money. Even if you don’t need to register for VAT, you may save a lot of money by doing so.
  • And do you know your profits last year? Or last month? Or last week? What about next week, month or year?


  • Liverpool creative accountantAs one of our clients said “Do you have bin bags full of receipts hiding in cupboards like big huge scary monsters????” We can sort all of these out while you get on with rehearsing and performing
  • Do you know all of the expenses and tax reliefs you can claim? For travel, costumes, etc?
  • And do you know your profits last year and expected tax bill for next year? If not, how do you know how much to save so that you can pay the bill?


Whether you’re a creative business or a performer,  it helps to have outside help to look after the financial side of your business – you can at least have someone take some of the stress away by keeping on top of all of these.

‘We approached MJF when starting up our business in 2009 because we’d had some great personal recommendations, but we’ve stayed with them because of the consistently excellent service we have come to rely on. Whatever the query or problem, MJF always seem to find a simple (and usually cost-saving) solution. The advice we have received over the years has been vital in helping to grow our business. MJF constantly exceed expectations and we would thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking for friendly, no-nonsense business advice that goes a long way beyond traditional accountancy services.’

Ben Swift
Director, Beautiful Productions Ltd

How can we help you?

We specialise in helping people in the creative industry with their finances –  we really do understand the issues you’re facing right now.

The secret to boosting your profits and reducing tax is to work with a proactive accountant. We don’t just want to help you survive, we want to help you thrive. You care about your appearance on screen or stage, let us make you look good off stage.

So, how can we help your finances look good? By working with you, not for you. We don’t want to just work with you at the year-end as a deadline closes in – we want to help you keep on top of the business at all times.

We’ll talk to you regularly so we understand your business and provide advice throughout the year, helping you before you make key financial decisions. Why would you want to hear our advice after the event?!? We’re here to help you, not to be a critic.

This makes sure that you increase profits, pay less tax, and put as much cash as possible in your business and personal bank accounts.

Would you like to meet up?

If you would like to arrange your free meeting with a Liverpool accountant that specialises in working with creative clients, please contact us on 0151 380 3800 or by email at Alternatively, you can use our website contact form.

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