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There are lots of jokes about using Excel and our favourite one at MJF Accountancy is “you never finish a spreadsheet, you just stop working on it”. It’s not really funny (none of them are), but it’s the most accurate in the world of accounting.

Smart businesses that want to work faster and more intelligently invest in cloud accounting. Working with the cloud gives a much better indication of your finances and allows anyone within your team to view them easily.

You might be asking, what exactly is the cloud? Well, if you think of how internet banking on your phone works, it’s the same principle. The cloud is a platform that allows access to your financial data online at any time from any place and from any device.

How Does the Cloud Benefit Your Business?

  • Provides an overview of your financial situation in real time.
  • Multi-user access allows for easy online collaboration with your team and advisors.
  • System administration costs and server problems are no longer a problem, as everything is managed by the cloud and its service provider.
  • No need to install or back things up manually on hard drives. Everything is run online and backed up automatically.
  • Automatic updates are free and available instantly.

The advantage of the software is that it provides you with the opportunity to run your business from anywhere with absolute ease. The data is accessible and fluid, so gone are the days of copying files from computer to computer, collecting folders full of receipts and invoices or wasting hours upon hours processing data for your employees.

If you're looking for cloud accountancy services Liverpool based MJF Accounting are here to help.

Here at MJF Accounting we are cloud accountancy specialists and we provide a range of services to take the stress out of running your business.

  • Xero - This cloud-based accounting software lets you track and organise your business finances from your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. You’ll be able to run every part of your business thanks to a huge array of features. Xero allows you, among other things, to send online invoices, track inventory, pay staff, connect your bank, pay bills and tailor smart financial reports and budgets to track what matters most to your company. Its uses are virtually endless, and it is one of the very best cloud accounting solutions Liverpool businesses can opt for.
  • Quickbooks - The perfect piece of accounting software for smaller and middle-sized businesses. Quickbooks handles bookkeeping and paperwork, generates reports, and allows you to share data with more than 100 business applications and popular programmes such as Excel, Word and Outlook.
  • Receipt Bank - This ingenious app allows you to take a photo of your receipt or invoice and then throw the paper away. The photo is instantly uploaded and stored online and is fully HMRC compliant. The data from the receipt is obtained automatically and sent immediately to us. No more nights spent huddled over a table sifting through bits of paper for hours on end. This app is one of the best cloud accountancy services Liverpool firms will find.

If you are looking for cloud accounting solutions Liverpool cloud accountancy specialists MJF Accountancy offer everything you need.

We use a number of cloud based accountancy packages and we have detailed these in the following links:

We provide a cost-effective, high value solution to meet all of your financial needs.

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