Cloud Accounting

There are lots of jokes about using Excel and our favourite one at MJF Accountancy is “you never finish a spreadsheet, you just stop working on it”. It’s not really funny (none of them are), but it’s the most accurate in the world of accounting.

However, things are changing! Cloud accounting is becoming increasingly relevant.

In simple terms, cloud accounting is internet-based accounting. Data is accessed through the internet as it is stored in the cloud – on a remote server that is not on your company’s site. This means you don’t need to purchase, maintain or upgrade any hardware yourself.

You probably already use a smartphone or tablet to run certain aspects of your business. And by using cloud accounting you can access your finances from the office, on the go, or at home. You can get instant updates on what’s been paid and what’s still to be done. It also means less paperwork – all you need are a few clicks to manage your business finances.

With cloud accounting you don’t need to copy files from one computer to another. Relevant information can be accessed by all the people that need it. This gives you more time to get on with what you need to do. You won’t spend hours distributing data to your employees or running around with folders bursting with receipts and invoices.

Cloud accounting is safer and more reliable than storing your valuable financial data on your own computer (which can break, get stolen, or simply be misplaced).

We use a number of cloud based accountancy packages and we have detailed these in the following links:

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