Semi Digital

As with the Manual Package, we don't want to overcomplicate any method you currently use for keeping financial records however, if you are looking to introduce a more efficient and accurate method then the Semi Digital package is the one for you.

If your business is at the stage where a spreadsheet or small accounts package isn’t really working that well, but you’re not ready for an all-digital accounting system, our semi digital accountancy packages will almost certainly tick the boxes for you. Using this type of package won’t overcomplicate things, and you’ll still be able to decide what you’re comfortable handling automatically and what you’d still like to keep control over.

The plus side is that you’ll spend a lot less time pulling together information for VAT and HMRC returns and trying to remember the dates they have to be submitted. Also, a lot of the routine tasks - issuing invoices, reconciling accounts and totting up purchases and receipts - will be dealt with much more quickly.

With the semi digital accountancy packages we offer, you get access to an accounting system that’s cloud-based. So you don’t need to install it, update it or run it in the office. You can log in and access your accounts from a tablet or phone at home or in the office.

Sales, Purchases and Bank Transactions

With semi digital accounting services, it’s much easier to stay on top of these three key areas. The system will hold your company logo and details such as your VAT number. Because it’s cloud-based, you’ll be able to issue an invoice from any location you’re logged in at. The VAT, sales amount and other data will be automatically read into your accounts.

You’ll only ever need to add a customer once. And the system makes sure the invoice number is always correct and in sequence. Even better, you can email the invoice straight to your customer and, if you wish, the system will then send regular reminders to them until they pay the invoice.

Free Yourself from the ‘Expenses Nightmare Accounting’ for expenses can be a time-consuming nightmare. So our semi digital accounting services are integrated with a receipt handling app - just take a snap of the receipt and send it to the app. Purchase invoices that arrive by email are no problem - just forward the entire email to the address we’ll give you.

All of the sales, purchase and expense data will be automatically entered into your accounting system, ready to view at any time in any location. And to complete the picture, every day there’s a secure, read-only download of your bank transactions into your accounting system so that you have a complete view of how your business is doing financially.

We work with businesses in Liverpool, Merseyside, and the wider North West, and we can help you to find a solution that works for you and your business. You’ll stay in control of the important financial aspects, and you’ll be able to decide how much of the business to automate. So give us a call, and let’s get working on freeing more of your time for the important stuff.

So what are you waiting for?

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Off-payroll rules for the private sector

The government has published the draft legislation for the next Finance Bill including the rules for off-payroll working in the private sector.

02 Aug 2019

Digital Services Tax

From April 2020, the government will introduce a new 2% tax on the revenues of search engines, social media platforms and online marketplaces which derive value from UK users.

02 Aug 2019

Insolvency hierarchy changes

From 6 April 2020, insolvency legislation will be amended to move HMRC up the creditor hierarchy for the distribution of assets in the event of insolvency.

02 Aug 2019

Private Residence Relief changes

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02 Aug 2019

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02 Aug 2019

Wage growth at a high

Data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that UK wage growth increased to 3.6% in the year to May 2019, the highest rate since the financial crisis in 2008.

02 Aug 2019

Updated guidance on spotting HMRC scammers

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02 Aug 2019