Semi Digital

As with the Manual Package, we don't want to overcomplicate any method you currently use for keeping financial records however, if you are looking to introduce a more efficient and accurate method then the Semi Digital package is the one for you.

We give you access to a cloud based accountancy piece of software that allows you to automate as much as the records as possible.

We will then convert this information into the relevant formats (VAT returns, Accounts etc.) and submit it over to HMRC.

There are three main financial transactions that you must account for.


The software will have your company logo and details uploaded so that all invoices have your company brand.

The software will automatically allocate the next available sales invoice number so you no longer have to remember where you are up to.

Once you have added a customer, the software will remember this so that next time you raise a sales invoice for this customer, it pre populates all of the fields.

You can email the sales invoice direct to the customer and set up auto reminders until the invoice is paid. This has been proven to increase a positive cash flow as you will get paid quicker.


We have aligned ourselves with a piece of software called Receipt Bank.

Receipt Bank allows you to capture purchase invoices and receipts digitally which will then automatically upload into your accountancy software.

We give you a phone app and an email address. When you receive a receipt, simply open the phone app and then capture the image on your phone. If you receive a purchase invoice via an email, just forward the whole email to the new email address we have provided for you.


We will link your business bank account to the accountancy software. The software will download all the bank transactions on a daily basis. It's a read only view so the system is secure.

That's it. Your sales, purchases and bank transactions have been recorded digitally for us to then reconcile the bank and get the relevant reports in order for us to submit to Companies House and HMRC in a digital format (i.e. VAT returns, accounts).

So what are you waiting for?

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