Limited Company Accounts

Operating your business through a limited company can have lots of advantages; however, it does come with a requirement to produce a set of accounts each year that you can send to Companies House and to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Limited Company Accounts Liverpool

These accounts are more complex than the simple turnover, expenses and profit statements that a sole trader can provide. An accountant will take away the burden of producing these more complicated accounts and will explain in plain English exactly what your tax liabilities under corporation tax will be.

An accountant will make sure you hit the deadlines

You have nine months after your company’s year end to get the statements to Companies House; for HMRC, the timeline is twelve months after your year end. If you were previously a sole trader, you will have received requests from HMRC to pay the tax due; however, with a limited company, it is up to you to submit your returns and pay your tax on time.

What is more, both Companies House and HMRC need the information presented on the correct forms and in the correct format. This is where limited company accountants in Liverpool will show their worth, ensuring that your company complies with these requirements and meets the deadlines.

There are items that you can claim as expenses that you may not be aware of. One of the advantages of our ltd business accountancy services Liverpool is that they will ensure you are making use of all the tax allowances that apply and that your company is operating in a tax-efficient way while staying within the HMRC guidelines.

Changes to the law and taxes during the year

The chancellor usually changes some aspect of the limited companies regime in the budget. It can be hard to keep up with these changes when you are running a business, but don’t worry – we are Liverpool’s premier limited company accountants and can help you with all aspects of your limited company tax responsibilities.

At MJF Accountancy we know what changes are happening and whether they will affect your business. They will be in touch if there is anything you need to do; in fact, our limited business accountancy services Liverpool can help at every stage in the company’s financial year.

Our highly qualified and experienced accountants have experience in dealing with both large and small firms and will offer a range of services according to how complex your business is.

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