Confirmation Statements

Not to be confused with the year end accounts, a confirmation statement is submitted to Companies House each year confirming that the data that is currently held by them is correct.

Every limited company has to send a confirmation statement to Companies House each year. This is an official form, stating that the information that Companies House holds on the company, is correct. If there are changes, the form is used to update the company’s record.

There is only a two week window for getting the confirmation form in, and paying the necessary fee. Failing to get the statement in on time is a criminal offence. That’s why so many companies use our services to ensure that the form is filed correctly and within the relevant period. We include the filing costs charged by Companies House in our general services fee.

Accessing company confirmation statement services Liverpool

The confirmation statement used to be called an annual return, but people tended to confuse this with the annual accounts and the name was changed. The data you have to check and confirm includes the company’s name and address, together with the type of business or trade in which it is engaged. This means entering a Standard Industrial Classification number (SIC code). Confirmation statement filing in Liverpool is straightforward if you are one of our clients, so you don’t have to worry about looking it up - we’ll do this for you.

You will also need to confirm the data about the Directors and Company Secretary, and the address at which your company records are kept. If any of these have changed, you must supply the new details.

After this, the requirements of the form get a little more technical which is why so many Directors ask us to handle it. If we’re dealing with your company accounts, we normally have most of the information to hand. For company confirmation statement services Liverpool and North West solutions provided by MJF make running a limited company less of a burden.

If your company has shares you’ll need to confirm the statement of shareholder and capital information, noting any changes from previous filings.

For a new company, when the confirmation form goes in for the first time, it needs to describe your register of “people with significant control”. If you are a director requiring company confirmation statement services Liverpool specialists at MJF Accountancy routinely find that new directors are somewhat puzzled by this requirement and are happy to have it handled for them.

As you can see, the confirmation filing has a strict timetabling regime, severe possible penalties for non-compliance, and asks some questions that many new directors are unsure how to answer.

We can give you peace of mind that this filing is taken care of and will be sent at the right time, with the right information. This makes confirmation statement filing in Liverpool less of a burden on company directors or the company secretary. Simply call or email us, to find out about our services and how we can take care of many of the official aspects of running a limited company.

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