Running a payroll is time consuming as well as complicated, especially with all of the new legislation that HMRC implement each year.

Real Time Information and Auto Enrolment Pension Schemes are just the latest areas of red tape that small businesses have to deal with. Imagine having to assess whether your employees are eligible for a pension scheme each month and then running a payroll that incorporates this into their salary.

Add in the complications that exist when you have joiners, leaver, statutory sick pay, maternity pay, minimum wage etc. Need I go on! 

Why bother doing this yourself when we can do this for you for a very small fee.

We would supply you with an electronic monthly payslip for all employees and submit the data over to HMRC to ensure you are fully compliant and tax efficient.

If your payroll is a little more complex than standard, we work closely with a payroll provider who would run this for you with us monitoring and maintaining the whole process. All you would have to do is to inform them each month of exactly what your employees earned and they will do the rest.

So what are you waiting for?

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