Here at MJF Accountancy Ltd, we don't want to throw in a new piece of technology for you that would overcomplicate a simple and efficient methodology you have for your financial records.

We have therefore come up with the Manual Package.

Think of this package as a bag of receipts. You keep your financial information manually and then simply pop a bag full of documents into us periodically.

We will then convert this information into the relevant formats (VAT returns, Accounts etc.) and submit it over to HMRC.

There are three main financial transactions that you must account for.


Where you raise a sales invoice from a chitty book, Microsoft Word or an online sales tool, simply print out these documents and pop them into our office.

Don't forget that all sales invoices must be in numerical sequence and contain your name, address, company number, date, details of the actual sale, net amount, VAT amount and gross amount!


When you receive purchase invoices throughout the period, simply place all of these documents into a folder and pop them into us when you are passing the office.

Bank Statements

You will need to keep all of your business bank statements and pass them into us when you are passing the office.

It's as simple as that.

So what are you waiting for?

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